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May 6, 2015
How to get Fired in Fifteen Days?
One of my friends got fired in just fifteen days. He was invited by the owner of an SME to head a division. Since I know […]
May 6, 2015
The Power of Free
A recent study on buying habits of consumers in Asian countries say that Indian buyers do not make purchase decisions because of free offers. I disagree. […]
May 6, 2015
Second chances in life
We all take life insurance. Have you ever wondered that for some unexplained reason ,we do not die-what would be the return on investment? A big […]
May 6, 2015
Salute the Hero
Recap- Jetblue’s flight attendant Steven Slater instructs an errant passenger to sit down after she gets up to retrieve her luggage.The passenger defies him. He walks […]
May 6, 2015
Trust in God, But Lock your Car
Commonwealth games in India have raised one stark question-can you trust your employees ?Donald Trump says that you should hire the best person you can afford, […]
May 6, 2015
Planet’s most valuable brand
As per Forbes list published recently, Apple has become the most valuable brand on the planet. It has displaced Coca Cola, which is a 100 year […]
May 6, 2015

Boiling an Egg on Electric Guitar

My CEO friend works twelve hours a day-every day.Sometimes he works on Sundays too. He is also very proud, that he has build his business from […]

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