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The Heart of Branding

How can you make a dramatic difference ? How can you be CREDIBLE ?


Branding means creating trust in consumer‘s mind.Period.
We don’t believe that brands are build from advertising anymore. They are build from great customer experience-which we focus on…
Customer experience on how they are treated at the Phycical Stores, or how they make them feel. Disruption thinking starts when you tell a great story. When you help the organisation withba new brand narrative ,which inspires.
Branding is about taking Bold and Innovative initiatives, which challenges status quo.

Branding is not about marketing tricks. It is about answering some simple questions:

Branding Services

We provide the following services under branding:

a. Opportunity AnalysisTo understand the market forces through research & analytics. Competition will dictate your strategy.

b. Strategy & PositioningThis is the foundation to final success.Your position is linked to your business goals.

c. Naming & Verbal identityYou are known by your name. Shakespaere was wrong- A rose by any other name is not a rose.

d. Brand Identity & Design70 % purchase decisions are taken by how good your logo and packaging is.

e. Brand ArchitectureThis is the relationship between brands with each other in your brand basket.

f. Engagement & activationUnique customer experience gives brands emotional competitive advantage.

g. CommunicationSeduce the sub-concious to convince the conscious.

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