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Organization : DCW home products ltd, "CAPTAIN COOK" Salt Mumbai

Background : DEW LIMITED was a chemical company entering into fast moving consumer goods(FMCG). The first product was Salt, where it had to carve out a niche against the market leader "Tata salt"

Since it was a start up project, the task was to launch the product and brand a commodity.The company wanted to launch similar products in future like Wheat Floor and spices.

Project scope :

  • To create a business plan to launch the product in Indian market
  • To create a marketing plan which included development of name,packaging, positioning, pricing and communicatio
  • Creation and management of sales & distribution network on a pan India basis
  • Launch the product in a phased wise manner
  • Design and execute a powerful advertising and promotional campaign.
  • Review and manage the launch campaign

Result : The product was launched successfully on a pan-india basis. Sales team was recruited and brand identity was created.

An innovative media campaign was launched by taking founder scheme on Zee TV. Promotions were carried out at various restaurants and eating contests were held in all the cities.

The product was priced 50 % higher that market leader Tata Salt to create a quality perception.A new positioning was created as "Captain Cook" Salt was positioned a Free Flow salt.

This resulted in product being very successful. The media dubbed the launch as one of the best product launches in the decade.

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Thank you for your Query – We will get back to you soon!

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