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Re-positioning the brand to Attract new consumer

The challenge:
Elder Pharmaceuticals was a growing pharmaceutical company engaged in marketing over-the –counter (OTC) products through their consumer division.

A Singapore Company Haw Par owned tiger Balm and Elder Pharma was doing marketing. The brand was not going anywhere, as competition such as Zandu and Moov had positioned them strongly in Indian consumer mind. There was no clear positioning owned by Tiger Balm, and consumers using the product for headaches found the product very strong. The sales were declining.

Our solution: As head of marketing department with Elder Pharmaceuticals, Hemant was responsible to re-position the brand to make it stand against tough competition. The product was considered to be strong and hence consumers found burning sensation, when it was applied to forehead.

With the help of parent company Haw Par, the positioning of the brand was changed to "back ache specialist" from existing general pain reliever balm. New television commercials were made, where strong product attributes were highlighted for back pain relief.

The campaign was supported at ground level by the sales team, which explained the benefits of strong balm to trade and visibility of the brand, was achieved through marketing collaterals and retail promotions.

The result: Through focused positioning and strong on-ground marketing initiatives, Consumer and trade perception about the brand started changing. The brand started moving from the shelf, which resulted is growing sales volumes. Today the brand has an all India presence.

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