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Sales & Channel Management

Success = Sales success.Everywhere.We are all in Sales-All the time

For nearly eight years, Neeti sales consulting services have helped companies excel at critical sales activities such as: designing sales channels that leverage both direct and indirect paths to market; creating the best sales force structure, territory plan, size, allocation , and integrating sales and marketing programs with extraordinary results and levels of efficiency.

Neeti Brand advises clients on strategies to manage, grow and optimize their sales operations and distribution channels.

We have helped our clients to solve their most critical sales and marketing challenges. How?  By bringing rigorous research and analysis, critical thinking, and thought leadership to decisions that are often otherwise based on intuition.

We bring science to the art of demand generation. In a nutshell,
we advise companies how to sell the product.

 Our working style is characterized by detailed, fact-based analyses leading to unique insights and practical solutions that deliver a “competitive edge” for our clients.

We provide answers to key questions to arrive at practical solutions;

  • Which is the most under-served market for your product ?

  • Which segment of this market has greatest potential for your product ?

  • Sales channel configuration and operations design Resource prioritization

  • How will you service the market ? Creating the best sales force structure.

  • What would be the most impactful promotions to promote your brand ?

  • What would be your communication strategy to attract consumer attention ?

  • Performance measurement and rewards

  • How will you manage sales feedback and improve selling efficiency ?

  • Our recommendations are always practical. That’s because we’ve gained deep expertise over the last three decades to become an effective in sales and marketing company.

    We focus exclusively on sales and marketing solutions. We understand how changing one piece of a sales or marketing operation will impact other pieces.

    And we know how to change the hearts and minds of sales and marketing professionals when they must adopt new, more effective brand strategies.

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