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Start Up Consultancy


India is a nation of start-ups. But only about 2 % of the start-up ideas survive the first 1000 days-the critical test for success.
Most of the start-ups have good ideas. And most of the start-ups are young entrepreneurs. They are too eager to put the pedal to the floor and keep it there.
But the real time story can be different. Suddenly, you realise that life can have multiple problems. And potholes on the road need to be negotiated.
Without losing your speed.
Without compromising on your dreams.

Here is where Neeti Brand accelerator comes in.

We have more than thirty years experience in creating brands-from designing a perfect business plan to creating a proof-of- concept model to finally delivering success.
With our considearble experience in launching more than 50 brands in Indian markets, our consultants are trained to listen to new ideas, fine tune these ideas and help entrepreneurs to launch their services smoothly.

We provide the following services to Start-ups:

1. Business Plan : We listen to the initail business ideas, fine tune these ideas into a practical business model and create a customised business plan.

2. Research : We undertake primary and secondary research to validate the core business idea.

3. Proof Of Concept Model : This would include Designing a marketin plan, Selecting the right market-Which place to launch
Segmentation- which audience to target
Creating a sales & distribution channel, Setting up the web-site, Preparing and executing digital marketing strategies, Managing offline and online promotion, Generating information systems and analysing them.

4. Execution Support : We assist the start-ups in executing the Business plan.This could include creating and managing distribution channel, recruiting & training sales team, planning and managing advertising and promotional activities, designing a system to get and evaluate market feedback.

5. Raising finance : This will include preparing an investor deck, interacting with VCs and investors ,presenting the requirement to investor and raising finance to achieve business goals.

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