5 ways on how to avoid hiring morons?

5 ways on how to avoid hiring morons? 1
Customers come first- wrong. Tomorrow’s business reality is that only two things will drive success- innovation and people. If you have good and happy employees-your customers will be taken care of.

Good employees build better brands.The biggest challenge for small business is in hiring good people and retaining them. It is also true that God likes morons, because he made so many of them.The real trick is to avoid hiring morons at any cost.

Here are 5 sure shot ways:

  1. Don’t look at candidate’s CV. If you ignore my advice, and still look at it, you will realize that an average candidate is almost qualified to replace Ratan Tata. (After all, candidate himself has crafted the CV) Try to find some unusual things in his career, some breaks-something which makes him stand apart.
  2. Go for the attitude, not the skills. You can teach skills to a giraffe-but a great positive attitude can make a huge difference. Once, I hired a drummer from cabaret joint as a salesman in Delhi, and he broke all the sales records in his territory.
  3. Research shows that
    A class Managers hire A+ guys.
    B-Class Managers hire C-class employees,
    C-Class managers hire D-Class employees.
    The net result is that A- class managers make their company a company of giants, which can lead to sustained growth. On the other hand B and C-class managers, who are insecure, make their company a company of dwarfs and drive their companies to dust.Moral of the story-Have the courage to hire people better than you are. You shall never regret it.
  4. Give 50 % weight age to candidate’s extra-curricular activities. Find about his hobbies; his interest in sports, music or any other passion. Does he read books? What kind of friends he has? A well- rounded candidate will be 3 times more productive than a University topper, who is a bozo.
  5. My final litmus test. If I think that I can call the candidate to come over and have dinner with my family, I hire him. (I also believe that woman have a sixth sense in judging people-I always take their opinion)
    This way, I normally avoid hiring morons.

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