9 Tips For Creative Recruitment

Research shows that A-class managers hire A+ guys. B-class managers hire C-class employees and C-class managers hire D-class employees.

The net result is that A-class managers make their company, a company of giants which can lead to sustained growth. On the other hand B and C-class managers, who are insecure, make their company a company of dwarfs, and drive their companies to dust.

If you are a start–up or a SME, spend maximum time in recruitment process. This will make or mar your company. Your recruitment mindset defines the future of your company.

How do you recruit the best talent? The hiring process can be as stressful for the employer as it is for the job candidate.

I am not recruitment or an HR consultant, but I have been involved in recruitment process for last 25 years. I believe that today, you need to be creative in recruitment.

Here are some surefire tips for creative recruitment:

  1. Forget Naukri, Monster or any online recruitment service. Use social media like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to engage with potential candidates.
  2. To attract good people, you must invest in a good website. Nearly all the candidates will visit your website, before coming for an interview. Use your web site to advertise, “Join our Team” through a separate tab.
  3. Tap your employee network to recruit candidates. Give cash or incentive for successful employee referrals. This internal recruitment method will always throw up interesting candidates.
  4. Go beyond resumes. Check social media profiles of candidates to know more about their overall personality. Talk to them on phone before you call them for face-to-face interview. Always check references-sometimes you get big surprises.
  5. Structure your interview questions. You should spend 10 % of the time for general qualities and 90 % time on core issues, for which you want to hire him. If you are hiring a sales person, don’t waste time on talking about his hobbies in detail.
  6. Don’t recruit your friends and relatives.
  7. Get a woman on your recruitment board. For some unexplained reason, they have a sixth sense about people. I know of a successful businessman, who, before signing any big business deal- always invited the other party to his home to have dinner with his family. He vouches that he always got excellent feedback about the person from women in his house.
  8. The litmus test- if you can’t invite the candidate to your house to have dinner with your family- he is no good.
  9. Make your work place attractive, so people would like to work in your company. Take care of your HR policies. Is HR manager the most important employee in your organization? If not-Why not?

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