9 ways to execute that job


Everybody knows that execution is 99 .0 % of the magic- balance 1.0 % is planning.
But, shockingly, more than ninety percent of the organizations just don’t get it.
They will spend a huge amount of time in designing strategic roadmap and believe that execution will somehow happen.
Of course, it never happens.

Sales don’t fly from excel sheets or bar charts.


Sales happen when you execute your plan well.


My recipe for successful execution is as follows:

  1. Create measurement points.
    It sounds old-fashioned, but written goals or objectives still work.
    Your team will never get engaged if clear-cut and measurable goals are not given.
    You must be specific about the final outcome, the time frame and people responsible for the delivery.
  2. Ignite the passion
    People work for the larger purpose.
    They will do anything if the cause is big fighting for their country; for freedom, bringing social change, animal rights or a cleaner environment.

During demonetization and GST, we saw the common man facing huge hardships, but still willing to undergo the pain.
Because Prime Minister Mr Modi was able to sell them a big dream of better tomorrow.

For any successful execution, your team must be told about the bigger picture -how this new product will change the world or the society or their lives.


  1. Use meaningful rituals
    Have you seen huddle which the cricket teams make when starting a new match or a few innings?
    Or the mandatory morning briefing session of the sales team in large showrooms or in banks?
    These are the rituals, which creates energy and bonding between team members.
    You need to keep the momentum every single day and every single hour.


  1. Break down the task into smaller units
    How do you eat an elephant?
    Bit by bit.
    Break down your project into small chunks and it will appear that these small chunks of the project can be easily done.


  1. Use 80/20 rule
    This is the most powerful mantra to get anything done.

It says that your key 20 % of the activities will deliver 80 % of the result.
Prioritize all the activities, which are needed to get the job done.
As a team leader, focus on 20 % of the key activities.


  1. Say “NO” to unimportant activities

Be ruthless and say No to all the activities or reports, which will not contribute to the final outcome.
Most of the activities will waste your time and delay the actual task.



  1. Keep a scorecard

Make a scorecard and display it where everybody can see it.
The goals need to be broken into daily/weekly achievement goals.
Make people accountable.

What you can measure-what gets done.


  1. Be ready to Course correct

No plan is carved in stone.
As you progress, new sets of information will come in and you should be willing to correct your assumptions and strategies.
Even NASA corrects the path of space rockets, in spite of tremendous planning.


  1. Create a sense of urgency

Create an atmosphere of urgency.
One of the organizations I know converted their head office into a virtual war zone control room with the army like decor and trophies in the rooms.
The message was sent to the team that it is a do-or-die situation.
The company achieved their targets.


Good people respond to challenges. It should be an everyday stretch.

All you need is somebody to lead the charge.


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