Amazon wants to own the future

Did you see the Amazon Air video? If not, please have a look of the video at the end of this mail.

You will see Amazon loading up little parcels and delivering it to the customers by drones. They promise that by 2015, they will be able to deliver even small parcels weighing half a kg by drones “Octocopter” in 30 minutes flat. At the customer’s doorsteps, in her waiting arms!

This is scary. It is not about fast delivery-it is about owning the future. What happens to competition, which can become history faster than you can say “Boiled egg” ? What happens to all the courier companies or on-line retailers like Flipcart? What happens to you?

Is it the future?

Yes, it is. It may take another ten years but drone future is a reality. It is about faster delivery-new ways to deliver. Customer is not waiting for you. The large tribe of whole-salers in India, who wait for customer to come and pick up goods, will be dead.

Believe me, for an entrepreneur it is acceptable to take a bad call in business, But it is sin to be surprised.

Start thinking about “Drone delivery” today. You have no choice.

Please see the video below.

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