Apple mania

As per the Forbes magazine, Apple has become the most valuable brand on this planet. It has displaced Coca cola-which is a 100 year old brand.They will be launching I-Pad 2 on march 2 and I will not be surprised, if they also launch I-phone 5 at the same time.That would be double whammy ?

To me, there are 3 reasons, why Apple is so awesome:
1) Apple is obsessed with design excellence; Their CEO Steve jobs says, that he wants to make even the key boards so appealing that people would want to lick them. Try to hold any of the Mac products, and you will know what I mean.
2) Apple thrives on innovation. They keep on making their own products irrelevant. Take Mac computers, I-phones or the latest I-pad. Breathtaking innovation.
3) Apple has phenomenal PR talent- All apple products are sold through PR with their CEO Steve Jobs himself driving knockout PR campaigns.

Moral of the story- what is good for Apple is also good for all of us. To summarize- great product design, superb innovation and knockout PR makes a valuable brand

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