Are you a busy CEO ?

Do you know why most of the companies do not grow? Because CEO has no time to grow. He is busy running the daily show 24/7.He gets personally involved in everything- getting the order; in manufacturing activity; in delivery and finally collection. He makes his people work hard for him, and he works harder than them. To see that nobody screws his business. He only trusts himself to do a perfect job.

But, he is screwing up his tomorrow. Because, he has no time to think about future opportunities or strategic growth path. He has no time to worry about competition either.

So, the company just survives, but does not grow. CEO responds by working harder to see that day-to-day operations run smoothly.

My strong advise to such hard working CEOs- do not spend more than 50 % of your time in day-do day operations. Hire good people and start delegating. Initially, it will kill you to delegate, but you need to start somewhere.

Rest of the time should be spent in contacting new customers and thinking about future strategies. Dump your blackberry and start thinking.

Becoming an un-busy CEO is the coolest survival tool.

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