Art of dying-slowly

When you do not want to understand the changing world, changing consumers,changing buying habits-you die. But it is not a ice-pick job,it is a slow death.

Some brands do not get it.They love their past success and they want to play God.

Blackberry smart-phones had great run in India.They were the most respected business phone. Then they lost the plot.The young India wanted more action.This was provided by Samsung.Even market leader Nokia failed in the litmus test.Blackberry has lost ground and market share-Nokia is trying hard to regain the lost ground.

Mercedes is the oldest player in India.It is amazing but , BMW and Audi has overtaken mercedes in sales,which was the best symbol of luxury cars in India. Mercedes has not the read the signals of changing consumers.Mercedes is being perceived as a luxury car for successful but plus 35 generation,while Audi and BMW have positioned themselves as success symbol for youth.

If you do not want to understand the changing consumer-you will die a slow but painful death. Perhaps, this is inevitable.

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