Being Creative

Do you think you are creative ?

Creativity helps build brands .It is a big myth, that only advertising guys, artists and writers can be creative. Everybody can be creative-as ideas just do not happen on its own-it is not a random process. You have to look for them.

Two  suggestions to develop creative thinking, if you think you are as creative as an electric pole.

a) Stop re-inventing the wheel- you don’t have to be original to be a creative person. You can build on existing ideas. Roller deo was designed on the basis of roller ball point pen.

2) Try new and different things. Your brain does not throw good creative ideas, if there is a boring sameness to your routine and behavior.

So change your behavior. Go to  a toy- shop and watch children buying toys; visit museum or Zoo and spend some time in these places. Go to a new restaurant, where you have never gone before and order a new Japanese dish; join a dance class, try to listen to completely new singers or go for movies, which you will not see on a normal day. Try watching Charlie Chaplin movies back to back and try to die laughing ;change the layout of your office; find a new way to boil an egg on electric guitar, and be nice to your mother in law. I am not sure the last one works.

The bottom line is –send signals to your brain that you can think differently and it will respond by giving you out-of- the box ideas.

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