Blackberry-a PR disaster ?

RIM (makers of blackberry mobile phone) is a smart company. They have been very successful with their phones  in most of the countries

I have been using blackberry phone for several years, and I think it is a sexy and cool device to communicate.

But when the service was affected in most of the countries including India last fortnight-the company did not know how to react.Some feeble explanations was given about technical problems.But users were not amused,some were angry.The company did nothing to address their fears.

Blackberry is market leader in smart phones in India.But this terrible PR during this crises could change the status. (I hope I am wrong,as I really like the phone). Consumers want to know,what the hell is happening ?

The best way to handle these crises is to communicate the real problem and tell your customers what you are doing to resolve the issue.If you have really screwed up-just own up and your consumers will forgive you.

These are the times when good and bad PR is judged.


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