Your Body Language will shape your destiny

Eight seconds.

That’s the time taken for anybody to judge you.

70 % of that decision will be taken by your body language.
Whether they like you or not.
If they are going to do business with you or not.
If they are going to hire you or not.
Rest of the time is spent in ratifying that first impression.

In effect, your body language is the most powerful way to create perceptions.
The non-verbal cues define the outcome.
In power dynamics, power and dominance play a great role.

Testosterone is a hormone, linked to power and self-confidence.
Cortisol is a stress hormone.
A high testosterone level makes you more confident and in control of the situation.
A high level of Cortisol gives you stress resulting in low power feeling.

The key thing is that levels of these hormone can change very fast depending on the social and physical environment around you.
The correct hormone levels can make you feel more confident and less stressed, which can lead to success in any field.

A High power pose can be seen in successful people or winners in any field.
A confident walk.
Firm hand shake.
Engaged body language.
Smiling, Nodding with open gestures.
Look at the winner athletes at the finish line- both hands held high, pumping their fist in the air!


On the other hand, a low power pose can have just the opposite effect.
Hunched shoulders.
Bowing your head.
Weak hand shake.
Shifting gaze.
Soft and timid voice.
Touching your neck or face while talking.

In a controlled experiment, when these two types of people were shown to potential business partners and recruiters in a video film- every body wanted to hire or do business with people with high power pose traits.

But what happens when you are not a high power person?

Your Body Language will shape your destiny 1

You are terrified talking in front of a group.
You are nervous while giving presentations. Most of the time, you cannot look into people’s eyes directly- your palms sweat.
You are worried about everybody judging you.
You feel like a failure.
What do you do?

My suggestion – Fake it.
Fake it Big time.

Your mind controls your body.
Similarly, your body controls your mind.
You fake your body movements with cultivated confident gestures.
It doesn’t matter, if you are terrified inside.
Your fake body gestures will start changing your mind in a positive way.

How do you do it?


Spend some time with Google and study successful people’s body language.
How they walk & carry themselves.
Their handshake.
Their slow and confident communication.
Their eye contact.
Try to imitate them and slowly you will feel a change in your behavior.

There is a simple rule- -your body will start sending positive signals even if you fake it.
The more confident you are perceived by people- more number of people will get attracted by you.
This is a typical case of Reverse marketing, where people will be drawn to you-if your body language is sending positive signals.

How long do you continue this fake drama ?
You fake it till you make it.
After sometimes- you will become it.

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