Boiling an Egg on Electric Guitar

My CEO friend works twelve hours a day-every day.Sometimes he works on Sundays too.

He is also very proud, that he has build his business from scratch.He is comfortably successful.But he has no time to visit his customers.

CEO of Starbucks Coffee visits 27 Starbucks stores every week. He wants to feel the product himself and watch his customer’s response to his product. CEO of Hilton hotel comes to office only to read customers complaints.

If you have not spoken to your best customers on phone during last one month or met them face-to face during during last three months- you are in trouble.The thumb rule is that you need to be out of your office at least 50 hours a month meeting customers.Make a habit to go out and meet your customers twice a week-to begin with.

It is five times more expansive to get a new customer.As a CEO, retaining and taking care of your existing customers is the single most important activity you can do to grow your business.

Expecting your brand to explode without meeting your customers is like trying to boil an egg on electric guitar.

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