COROB India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai

Our Case Study for COROB India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai


COROB India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai.


Italian Manufacturer of high-performance dispensers, mixers & shakers, along with In-Plant tinting systems and advanced self-service vending solutions. The company has a good reputation in B2B segment.
The company wanted to extend the brand to the oil dispensing category.

Project Scope:

Development of a strategic roadmap to launch another category in Indian markets. Will it affect the parent brand negatively or will it help the new launch?
How to create a brand identity to create maximum impact?
This also involved undertaking primary and secondary research to create a strategic platform.

How it was done?

a) A primary and secondary research was undertaken to understand oil retail psychology.
b) After getting the feedback from retailers and secondary research, it was decided to go for an independent brand name, so it may not affect the mother brand, which enjoyed a huge equity in B2B segment.
c) A brand identity was created after selecting a brand name from 300 names. A logo was designed taking into account that it would be put on large machines.


The new brand was successfully launched in the market, where the brand
identity and the overall strategy played a key role to determine the outcome.

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