Our Case Study for Mazza (Parle (exports) Pvt. ltd, Mumbai)


Parle (exports) Pvt. ltd, Mumbai


The organization was marketing carbonated drinks like Thums Up, Limca, Gold Spot and Bisleri soda in the domestic market and it was felt that to develop a sustainable growth model, it was essential to launch Fruit drink to complement the existing product portfolio.

A research was carried out and it was decided that the company should introduce a mango drink, as Indians always preferred mango fruit over any other fruit.

Hence, Mango Maaza was developed and it was decided to market it in a glass bottle.

Project scope:

To develop a comprehensive, Go To Market plan for introducing Mango Maaza drink in Eastern India. The challenge was to create a space for a fruit drink for the first time in a market dominated by strong carbonated drink brands. It was also desired that product advertising and promotions should
create a differentiated brand image.

How it was done?

  1. West Bengal was selected as the entry market with Calcutta being the launch pad.
  2. It was decided to place the product in at least 70 % of retail outlets (considering carbonated drink category presence at retail outlets to be the universe)
  3. A campaign was run to place ice boxes at retail outlets. This ensured that retailers were willing to keep the new product along with new ice box.
  4. To create visibility, 1.0 lakh sq.feet of a wall painting was done within a span of 2 months, 50 hoardings were taken at strategic locations and TV campaign was started.
  5. In addition to this visibility drive, “taste events” were created in order to sample the product to consumers. This was done at colleges, schools, clubs etc.
  6. To create a sense of urgency, bundling of products was done with fast selling products like Thums Up, Limca and Gold Spot. This resulted in the rapid distribution of Mango Maaza in even B & C class retail outlets.


“Mango Maaza” was able to create a completely new category along with carbonated drinks category. Due to an intelligent mix of advertising and promotions, rapid awareness and image were built within a short span of six months.

Media dubbed the “Mango Maaza” launch as one of the most successful product launches of the decade.

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