Doy Soap

Our Case Study for VVF Ltd. (Doy Soap)


VVF Ltd. (Doy Soap)


Although 78 brands failed in the market in the 90’s. VVF, a contract manufacturer for Johnson baby soap and Dettol, was able to establish in the market with a good amount of sales volume. With the recommendations of Subhash Oomen, they were able to find a new gap which can be filled to establish distribution and identity in the market.


There were a wide variety of soaps available in the market but there was an untouched segment which dealt with the kids. Due to the arrival of animation channel like cartoon network etc., kids were impacted and this was a phase where nuclear family started growing. These symptoms created a need which was fulfilled by Doy, a kid’s specific soap. The soap was in the shape of wild animals which made kids gets into a different world of wildlife. TVCs and Jingles became very popular and soon the product was very well recognized.


Doy was able to establish itself as a brand.
VVF could establish a distribution network.
Doy was also used by young girls for face, therefore, VVF started two other brands called Doy Care Cream Soap and Doy Care Aloe Vera Soap.
With 3000 tonnes of volume, VFF was able to establish itself as an established player.

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