Building Your Brand Through Gift Marketing

 Diwali in India provides a great opportunity to create brand value through gifting.

Why gifting is such a great idea ?
We are now in the “Relationship Era.” I believe one of the best ways to form or strengthen a relationship with your customer is through gift giving.

Giving shoppers a gift, retailers get hyper-efficient marketing that can truly change consumer behavior and create profitable new visits.
Why do these retailers give away free money?
Because it works.
Gift cards are 10 times more effective at driving customers in the door than any other promotional activity.
Consumers are bombarded with more offers and coupons than at any time in history. Look at Amazon, Flipcart and other online marketers.
And the more we send, the less responsive the consumer will become in future.
To stay competitive, retailers will need to shift funds from couponing and deals to far more efficient and effective gift marketing.

You need Brand visibility to build association and corporate gifts are a great branding tool.

Gifts are highly engaging and somewhat irresistible. They are relationship enhancing.

Gifts give physical representation of your business, allowing customers to touch and feel it.
They remember you first, when they need your service or product in the near future.

Gift giving is now catching on with brands as a way to connect with consumers.
So why aren’t gifts a core part of every marketing plan?

Four simple tips for gifting:

a) Have your company’s logo, name, USP and color embodied on the gifts. It builds strong association.
b) Choose gifts that are unique. Customers remember you by uniqueness.
c) Always Choose quality gifts. Don’t be a cheapskate and save money here.
d) Don’t feel guilty-gifting is not a bribe, unless you are giving E-class Mercedes Benz.

Remember, Gifts define the giver, not the receiver.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous Diwali.

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