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Many companies still do not understand the keys to the new communication process thought about by social networks. It is important for companies to change their concept of communication and bet on sharing experiences and relevant content.

There is no doubt about the important role of communication, and how it remains essential for companies. In fact, maybe it could have been considered as one of the pillars of the brand strategy. Of course, we mean the communication itself as to the action used by companies and brands to inform, or to make something known to others, to their own audience, target audience, etc. through various means and channels. However, are companies really communicating in the most effective way?

Traditional communication no longer works

Many companies that seek to communicate their daily news, promotions and launches, make their own information through their communication departments or agencies.

Then, the goal is to find a way to distribute such information and to achieve the widest possible coverage. Every day, thousands of press releases and mailboxes invade the media. The bad news is that 99% of such releases have the same fate. Recycle bins where your information is forgotten about or passes unnoticed.

This is happening because there are still a lot of companies which do not understand the keys to the new media and they believe that traditional media still works, without realizing that all these years we have witnessed a great revolution, and also managed to change many of the paradigms of communication. These days it’s all about sharing relevant content, which adds value to the user and at the same time makes it shareable in the social networks raising brand awareness in the community.

Understand the Audience

According to a report developed by Digital Life, businesses and brands that do not understand the audience and what they want from the consumer, are flooding junk digital emails to consumers, not just in the media and social networks.

Digital communication strategies without clear guidance are generating tons of useless information, and they are also relegated to nothingness and obliviousness. The digital garbage accumulation of thousands of brands that try to make use of a communication developed through online media channels, and never thinking if this could really interest their own audience or target audience. It is there that important companies change their concept of communication and bet on sharing experiences and relevant content.

The companies and communication professionals should consider a number of really interesting questions. What value is considered to have something unique and attractive to consumers? What is something we can offer to the media and their audiences which has not been sent, seen or read before and in turn, provide some value to participation that goes beyond the simple act of pushing the content ?.

Use of Professional Knowledge

Companies can use their professional knowledge and experience to generate information and help with tips, trends, market analysis, studies, etc. All supported on a really useful information, and quality, that can generate more exposure and awareness of the brand itself. This will mean being differentiated from traditional press releases, seeking a promotion and also commercial free.

It is quite clear that both companies and professionals, along with agencies and press offices, need to change their concept of communication and build on experiences and relevant content.


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