Crowdsourcing is here ! love it. (Demo)

Web is changing the rules of the game- turning them on their head.Crowdsourcing is a term which was coined in 2006 by Jeff Howe from Howard University.Crowdsourcing allows you to source new ideas or concepts from a large number of people .It is a mass collaboration of ideas-about new technology,new designs or just new concepts  It allows you to pick talent from a large undefined base,which is possible through Internet. You can get multiple ideas from different sources and this process can be quick and relatively cheap . This is the next best thing to happen after outsourcing.

The best example is the logo chosen for the Indian Rupee-where a contest was initiated and the winner was chosen out of hundreds of participants. similarly, a lot of consumer companies run contests and winners are picked and rewarded.Is this the future ?

is it ethical ? are marketing guys exploiting the people who participate ? I think advertising agencies or idea generating professionals are running scared. They got a huge competition with these guys who might be equally talented but can deliver their talent at 25 % of the cost.So we have a situation where so called highly talented and highly paid professionals have real competition from a wide range of unknown people.

My belief is that crowdsourcing is going to be the next big thing. All talented people will get a platform to showcase their talent.Their will be a lot of insecurities with current bunch of professionals.But how does it matter ?

You need embrace the future. period.

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