Why customers will buy from you?

Why customers will buy from you

I asked taxi drivers, bus drivers.
I asked house maids, small shopkeepers.
I asked business owners and Government employees.

If elections are held today, will you vote for Narendra Modi?
After all the trouble of standing in endless lines at the banks.
After making your life miserable, when you don’t have money to buy your daily vegetables.
Aren’t you mad as hell?
After all, all opposition parties were telling you that this is the mother of all blunders!
Of course, there must be better ways to commit political suicide.

The results surprised me.
Almost all of them said that they will still vote for Modi.
Yes, there are lots of problems we are facing, but they are temporary.
We want to stop corruption and black money.
At least, Modi has the guts to do it.
Execution is bad, but so what?

People do not buy what you sell.

People will buy “Why” you sell.
People will buy if they believe what you believe in.

If there is a larger cause.
Customers don’t buy features- they buy supreme benefits.

Benefits-which inspires them.



I bought an apple laptop some years back.
It was twice as expensive than available competitive products in the market.
They didn’t tell me that their product was better than everybody and they make great computers.
I read an interview by Steve Jobs, where he said that he wants to make even the keyboard so attractive that customers would like to lick them.
This small comment hit me.
If the company was so particular about the design effect, what would be the final quality of the product.
I didn’t buy the Apple product-I bought the philosophy of the company.
I bought the belief system of the company.

I liked the idea so much, that I went on to buy all the other products of Apple.
Apple I-pad
Apple music
Apple I-phone
Apple watch
Do I ever regret it.
No, It never crossed my mind that Apple which is essentially a computer company could also make MP3 player or mobile phones or watches.

Dell is a successful computer company.
It launched MP3 players.
Nobody bought them.
It never inspired people to a new belief system.

Harley Davidson is a legendary company making motorcycles.
Then they decided to go in clothing, wedding and animal accessories and perfumes.
All failed.
They did not inspire anybody.
Nobody could detect any larger cause in selling perfumes.

“Ponds” brand worked brilliantly for soaps and creams.
Then they launched toothpaste.
What a disaster!

Mahatma Gandhi inspired the whole nation to drive the British out of India.
2,50,000 people gathered to listen to Martin Luther king when he made that famous speech “I have a dream”

Your goal should be to sell to people who believe in what you believe in.
And you should believe in some greater cause-so you can influence behaviour.
It does not matter
if the number of these people is less.

It is foolhardy to think that your product will appeal to everyone.

2.5 % people are innovators they will want to try any new products in the market.
13.5 % people are early adopters who will be the first one to try products after the innovators.
34 % people are in the early majority- they will wait for others to try the product and slowly they will start buying it.
The balance is late adopters & laggards-they would venture to buy only when everyone else has tried the product and there is no risk attached to buying.

Your product succeeds when 15-18% of the people start buying your product.
This is the tipping point of success.

This tipping point comes when people start believing in “why” you are doing something.
People are driven to larger causes.
A cause that inspires people drives behaviour.
When people believe in what you believe in they will go to amazing length to make you successful.
They don’t work for a pay cheque at the end of the month.

Is your business or product inspiring people?
If not then why not?

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