Diwali Brand Building

You need Brand visibility to build association and corporate gifts are a great branding tool. And Diwali in India provides a great opportunity to create brand image.

Gifts give physical representation of your business, allowing customers to touch and feel it. They remember you first when they need your service or product in the near future.
Four simple tips for corporate gifting

a) Have your company’s logo, name, USP and color embodied on the gifts. It builds strong association.

b) Choose gifts that are unique.Customers remember you by uniqueness.

c) Always Choose quality gifts.Don’t be a cheapstake and save money here. Remember Gifts define the giver,not the receiver.

d) Don’t feel guilty-gifting is  not a bribe, unless you are giving E-class Mercedes Benz.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous Diwali.

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