Do you need a mission statement ?

Our client was very upset with us.

We were hired to craft a marketing strategy for his organization. And it did not have mission and vision statements.

We do not include them in our marketing plans for a very specific reason.

The truth is that, we that we don’t like them.

We are aware, that every self-respecting organization wants to write mission and vision statements. Mostly, senior managers from organizations go to an off-site destination (a 5 star resort) and craft out these statements amid some discussions and lots of good time.(yes-fun,frolic and wine)

The trouble is that these statements are usually long and boring, and serve no productive purpose- whatsoever. Except that CEO wants  to include them in the company’s annual reports.

A typical mission statement reads something like this:

“ The mission of (brand name) is to deliver superior quality products and services for our customers and communities through leadership, innovation and partnerships”

There was a research done, where 20,000 mission statements were analysed. It was found that all the statements were interchangeable, if you removed the brand name. You can write a good mission statement, if you can choose from standard menu: superior quality; best service; leadership; innovation, concern for employees and customers; concern for environment and society.

Incidently, the above mission statement belongs to a fast food chain “Wendy” and they paid $ 50,000 to a consultant to craft it.

Instead we suggest that you should have a small mantra, which is crisp, memorable, and inspiring like Nike’s “authentic athletic performance”

We can call it punchline; tag line or positioning, but it tells you why you exist?

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