Do you need a scorecard ?

Everybody knows that execution is 99 .0 % of the magic.But, more than ninety percent of the organizations just don’t get it.They will spend a huge amount of time in designing strategic road map and believe that execution will some how happen.Of course,it never happens.

My recipe for successful execution is as follows:

a. It sounds old fashioned,but written goals still work.Your team will never get engaged,if clear-cut and measurable goals are

not given.

b. Make a scorecard and display it where everybody can see it.The goals need to be broken into daily/weekly achievement goals.Make people accountable.

c. Create an atmosphere of urgency.One of the organization I know,converted their head office into a virtual war zone control room with army like decor and trophies in the rooms.The message was sent to the team that it is do-or-die situation.The company achieved their targets.

d. Good people respond to challenges.It should be an every day stretch.

All you need is somebody to lead the charge.

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