E-Commerce Packaging Redefines First Moment of Truth


The first moment of truth or FMOT reiter to the idea that consumers make their purchasing decision within three to seven seconds of encountering a product. Within these few seconds, the product needs to WOW the consumer. It has to appeal to their senses, values ​​, and emotions. This role was earlier fulfilled by the product packaging. With the dawn of e-commerce, the definition of FMOT needs to be redefined for a new generation of buyers. E-commerce packaging now plays the crucial role of being the FMOT – but not for the product, this time it’s for the e-commerce platform.

E-commerce Packaging and Returning Customers

When it comes to e-commerce, the customer already has all the product information that they need. Additionally, they also have multiple avenues from where to purchase the product. Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, SnapDeal are just some of the platforms to name a few. For these platforms customers, the obvious FMOT is the user experience on the websites/apps. But the elusive-obvious FMOT, and more important, is the e-commerce packaging at the time of delivery.

A product’s packaging at the time of shipping can drastically change by the time of delivery. Not only does the e-commerce packaging have to be durable, tamper-proof and capable of handling the rigors of logistics. But also be able to convey the platforms brand image and values ​​to the customer. For first time customers of an e-commerce platform, the method of packaging at the time of delivery is the first moment of truth. It can make the difference between it being their first and last purchase or converting them into a loyal customer who will return for more.

Is your E-commerce Packaging sending the right message?
E-commerce platforms need to realize the value of good branding and resolve to develop a company image that resonates with their offering and their customer’s values. In the end, Online shopping is simply an extension of retail shopping. Why do some customers prefer coffee from Starbucks and others prefer coffee from niche cafes? Because each has its own brand promise and evoke emotions that resonate with different customers differently. In quite the same way, online shopping platforms need to understand this and create a brand image that not only appeals to customers but also differentiates them from their competitors.

E-commerce Packaging is the perfect first step to take when branding an e-commerce company. It is feasible and very effective FTOM influencer. Customers who receive their products in a way that is branded, secure and un-damaged, instinctively feel a greater bond with the e-commerce company and are increasingly more likely to purchase from them again.

Source by Ashwin Thapliyal

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