Ever thought of Adding That “Surprise” Element to your Marketing Mix like Walt Disney Does!

It Was My First Wedding Anniversary.

I had no leaves left in my account.

There were two unfinished projects, which required the team to work till midnight every day.

My newlywed wife (almost) wanted me to take a two days break and celebrate in style.
With tremendous courage, I went to my boss to ask for leave.
He barked, “ Are you mad? Or crazy? Or both?

There is a deadline to finish this project by the weekend, or the client would have us for breakfast ”
How could life be so cruel?
I sank into bottomless despair.


On the previous night to my anniversary day, my boss called me to his room in the evening at 9 pm. (every day was a late night working)

He handed me an envelope and told me, “ Get out of the office right now and happy anniversary”
Inside the envelope was the permission to take one day leave, a voucher to hire chauffeur driven Mercedes Benz for a day and a meal for two in a five-star hotel.

I was blown and my wife was on cloud nine (and stayed there for a couple of weeks).

I secretly suspect that this incident is the reason; she is still married to me.


Who doesn’t like to be surprised?


A pleasant surprise can have a lasting emotional impact on people.

Walt Disney has a year long theme, “The Year of a Million Dreams,”
Disney has added a brilliant twist to the age-old favourite.

They’ve added surprise.

Here’s their twist. “Imagine walking through one of the Walt Disney World Theme Parks when a Cast Member taps you on the shoulder to offer you a dream come true. Right now, over a million extra-special dreams, some thought impossible, are being randomly awarded to people just like you.”

Surprise your customers and they will never forget you.Give them unexpected gifts, vacation holidays, free tickets to music concerts or cricket matches.Give them unexpected discounts; call them for no-occasion dinner with their families.


One of my clients had mastered this art of surprising his key customers.

He had a black diary where he had noted down each customer’s delight points.

He would send IPL tickets to cricket enthusiasts at random.
Or tickets to plays or music concerts.
Or he would hire a small preview theatre to show the latest Bollywood movie to his top achievers.
But he would always surprise them.

His customers loved him.


Surprise is an awe-inspiring emotion. It demands to be shared. How could you add one of the Disney’s favourite elements — surprise — to your marketing mix?


Surprise is the ultimate “Wow” Factor.

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