Golden art of negotiation

The golden art of negotiating says, that the person who has the gold makes the rules.

Civil society members in India are are fighting a battle with the government  to start a process
to stop corruption.They have been successful in mobilising public opinion,they have gone
on fast unto death-even youth in India has woken up to this great crusade against corruption.

But they fell short on negotiating skills.Baba Ramdev has ended his fast unto death after nine days.
government spokesmen say that the big drama has ended.

It boils down to three golden rules of negotiating:
a) You can negotiate best,when the other party imagines that you have power. Otherwise, it is a compromise all the way.
b)You must know how far you can play hard ball- a good negotiator knows when to stop pushing.
c) If the other party is also not winning-forget negotiating,unless you are calling all the shots.

You don’t win ,just because you have good intentions or can muster support.

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