Good Packaging Makes A Winning Product


Supermarket shelf-space is filled with all kinds of products. Every product on that shelf space is seeking your attention. Every brand wants you to select them from all the options available.

So the big question is how to stand out?

Many times it happens that you enter a supermarket and you end up buying a product that was not even on your wish list just because you found it very attractive in terms of its appearance.

This is the power of a good packaging.

Packaging is the first impression of a product.
It acts as a gateway for whatever the company sells.
A good packaging always attracts consumers.
It is indeed a major driver of consumer behavior.
It makes you fall for it. And you end up buying that particular product.

Every consumer responds to a good design. A good design is like the soul of your packaging. Every major brand tries to differentiate itself from others by creating a superior packaging design. They do a lot of research and spend a huge amount of money just to get their packaging right. When your product is fighting against every other product on the shelf you can’t afford to be ordinary. That is why all the good companies keep on experimenting with their product packaging to allure consumers. That means if you are to survive in this competitive era you can’t do without a good design.
Also for entrepreneurs, the takeaway from this is that creating a great product isn’t enough. To ensure sales success, you need that something extra, because product packaging affects buying decisions.
So what are the essentials of a good packaging design?
Let’s see what makes a good packaging design:

  1. Simplicity:

Many times it happens that you find some product and you fail to identify the product in terms of content, usage or brand identity. This is the result of a bad design, sometimes designs are so cluttered that consumer after looking at it for few seconds, puts it back in its place. Products with such designs do not perform well in stores and ultimately fail.
So always remember the simpler you are the better you are.
Be clear about the product, be clear about the brand.



  1. Authenticity:

The authenticity of a brand is determined by its originality and memorability. Of all the brands available out there your product has to stand out. And the only way to stand out is by being authentic. This depends upon your creativity, imagination and exploration. Try to use uncommon designs, patterns and styles that make your packaging visually appealing.
Forexample, instead of photography use illustrations or type-based designs. Use vertical layouts in place of horizontal.
Look for unusual sources of inspiration. All of this requires a great deal of brainstorming.


  1. Color Combination:


Every color means something. It communicates a lot about your product. A consumer always remembers your brand by its color.
A good color combination always catches the eye of the customer. Some colors are so good they make your content visible from a distance as well.




  1. Shelf impact:

Shelf impact refers to the distinctiveness and appeal of the product when it is actually placed on the shelf.
Shelf impact is a crucial factor and you need to explore it in your designs. You can do this experiment by placement of your design on an actual shelf and surround it by other products. The more distinctive it looks, the better it sells.
It can make a huge difference in your sales.

  1. Extensibility:

A good design should be able to allow you introduce a new line/sub-brand.
Without losing the actual appeal it should allow you to add more variations. So while designing product you should keep in mind the future as well. Design should provide scope to for modification and extensibility.

We have got you some exceptional packaging concepts that will blow your mind and clearly explains how a clever design can take a brand to next level:


Doritos is an American chips brand. It took their packaging to the next level when they used this new concept. The entire concept was developed based on the shape and texture of Dorito chips. And the coolest part of this type of packaging is its structure which can keep the chips closed after opening.







Nestea came up with this unique concept of using different color-coded circles to depict different flavors in a very simplified manner.







360 Paper Bottle by Brand-Image:

Brand-image created first recyclable paper container made from renewable material. After seeing this, the world would be ready to chuck plastic bottles and start drinking from paper ones. Also, this packaging concept has an environmental friendly appeal. And people do fall for such innovative products.



A good packaging triggers the consumer’s mind which in turn builds a good perception of your brand. Simplicity, clarity and distinctiveness and creativity are the key elements. In a crowded market, a good packaging design is indeed a real difference maker.

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