How to launch your brand in 100 days?

100 days is the magic figure.

Or, you will have dozen more competitors trying to steal your lunch.
You will not be able to have peak burst of energy to think or execute new ideas.
You will lose momentum after 100 days-you cannot seriously win after you lose it.

There are three key stages in launching your product.

Stage 1- the pre-launch
(0-30 days )

Do you have a big idea?
Have you done your research?
Who is your competitor?
Who is your customer?
Is there a market for your product?
What is your story?
People don’t buy products, they buy stories.

Your big idea, research and competitive analysis will give you a great marketing plan.
Most brands fail, as they go from big idea to execution and nothing in between.
A good plan increases your chances of success by 400 %.

Stage 2 – Fueling the tank
(31-60 days, assemble your resources)

This is the time to show that you are serious.
Get your resources together, and set the table.
Develop a great product and dress it up (good logo, killer packaging)
Make your product look sexy.
Select your market, select your team.
Get associations and affiliates.
Decide how you are going to blow your horn.
Now, You are ready to roll.

Stage 3- Go-to-market
(61-100 days, the first forty days of your business)

This is the execution stage.
The final litmus test
For a successful product launch, 98 % magic in execution.
There are 21 rules to follow to enter the market.
Remember, the chain is as strong as its weakest link.
Get into details of execution, dirty your hands.

Inspite of supreme planning and skillful execution-there will be delays, screw-ups and minor disasters.
What do you do?
Nothing. Feel bad by all means.
But get back to work next morning.

You will succeed only, if you hang on a bit more than your competitor.
All successful brands have done that.

To your success.
Seize the moment.

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