How to Sell to Women?


For no fault of mine, I was dragged into a super market by my wife and my


The argument was that I needed a new pair of shoes, as no self respecting lady would like to be seen with me in my very old but comfortable pair of shoes. With some amazing technical help from my wife and daughter, my grand shoe buying took flat eight minutes.

In a gentlemanly way, I decided to help the ladies with their purchasing as I had nothing else to buy.

I realised that they did not need any help from me. I was only required to hang around till they finished their purchasing. Instead of feeling terrible about missing my Sunday beer and wasting my time in a crowded supermarket with hoards of loud women, I decided to study their

buying behavior.

The first thing that struck me was that this was no ordinary buying event. Women had come alone, in groups and were exchanging notes.There were usual “Hi” and “Bye” stuff.

On an average, women were spending more than one and half hour buying “brands” (all premium brands could be seen on top of the trolley)

They walk around in aisles, absorbing sights and views of fellow shoppers before picking something for themselves.

Shopping is an immensely immersive experience- one in which a woman is emotionally invested..

Men on a mission, women on a journey

Historically, men are the hunters (conquering stuff) and women are the gatherers (finding stuff), making women more likely to naturally want

shopping more than men. Men are task-oriented shoppers while women are more likely to be discovery-oriented shoppers

Women want to know more about you, your brand, the lifestyle you sell and how your products are going to make her feel.

The key differentiator is how your brand makes her Feel.

It’s all in the brain

Anatomically, the tissue that connects the left and right side of the brain (corpus callosum) is thicker in women. In general, the left hemisphere is in charge of performing logic computations

and processing facts.The right hemisphere is dominant in processing visual imagery and interpreting context.

This allows women to use both sides of their brains to solve problems quicker, while men compartmentalize tasks and needs.

Therefore, an approach that takes care of the whole experience works well with women.

Girls Watch Faces. Boys Watch Objects.

A study by Simon Baron-Cohen found that these differences are observable when watching boys and girls (even in their infancy): “While most female

babies give most of their attention to social stimuli such as human faces and voices, the majority of boys pay most attention to non-social, spatial

stimuli—such as the movement of a mobile hanging above a crib. Throughout their lives, male and female individuals continue to manifest these early traits in more and more complex ways.”

Women like to look at faces and interpret emotions.

They would want to know the reasons and motivations to understand why others purchased an item and whether their situation is comparable to that of the other shoppers.

Hence while selling to women, try to talk more about you, your brand, the lifestyle you sell and consider how your products are going to make them feel.

Men are less likely than women to see offers

It’s a simple fact that women are much more experienced shoppers than men. Most women have developed the ability to shop rapidly and efficiently,

identifying products and brands subconsciously, on auto-pilot. Women learn to recognise relevant offers. When confronted with a promotional display women are more likely to

purchase something from it if it looks as though other shoppers have bought into the deal first.

This is known as ‘social proofing’ where we they are reassured by the fact that others have bought into the offer.

Feeling Important vs. Checking Out Fast

A survey by Verde group shows “lack of help when needed” is the top problem (29%) amongst women, while shopping. Good customer service is a must to setting a good image in the mind of

women. Women shoppers also value sales associates who make them feel important, according to the survey. For women, store loyalty is related to sales associates’ familiarity with the

products in the store and an ability to determine what products best suit the customer. The primary concern of men, is checking out fast.

Up close and personal

According to a study by the Erasmus University, when advertising to women, it is important to use marketing to build a personal relationship with female

customers while when marketing to men, you should highlight the advantages and benefits of your products.

Most of the women taken into consideration aren’t currently in the workforce. Despite this, they’re driven, and want their loved ones to advance with them.

Use a strategy involving questions which results in giving credit to women for them being able to think. You can start off by asking, “What do you plan to

achieve with our time today?”. In a luxury car showroom, good saleman know that it is sucidal to assume that women buyers will not be interested in knowing technical details about the


If you want to sell to women- treat them like a queen, respect their intelligence,give them a holistic experience. It is just how you make them FEEL.

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