How much of Your Advertising works?

I have a problem.
All my clients ask me the same question.
How much advertising is enough ?

The truth is that 90 % of advertising doesn’t work.
In a typical advertisement – 4 %  of your potential customers will view it positively; 6 %  will remember it negatively and 90 % will not remember it at all.

The  key question is –will anybody remember your ad at all ?

A consumer needs to get exposed to a particular communication anywhere between 6 to 20 times to think favorably about your brand.
The buying process comes later.

Can advertising sell yourproduct ?
No way.
A good Advertising can only create awareness.
Good PR sells your product.

Advertising doesn’t sell anything.
All things being equal, it gives you an edge overcompetition.

Sometimes, good advertising can sell products.
A good concept or an idea can resonate with target consumers.
People don’t buy products, they buy stories.

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • Fevicol
  • Happydent
  • Nescafe
  • Surf
  • Tanishq
  • Amul
  • Raymond

But Advertising plays a small part in brand’s success.
It cannot turn a non-user into a user.

So many factors play a critical role
Your product quality
Your distribution
Your price
Your team
Your budget

Also, Your customer will buy your product only if:
She wants the product at that time.
If It is the right size
Exactcolour she wants
Time of the year
Her mood
Her age

Good ad willwork, if you tick all the above boxes
Good ads will not sell lousy products.
Good products may sell in spite of lousy ads.

90 % of the ads are boring and lousy.
No great story to capture consumer imagination.
That’s the reason advertising has stopped working.
People do not trust advertising anymore.

Clients ask their advertising agencies to create great ad
It should be like competitive ad
No sex, we are Indians
No humor, it may give wrong signals
What will people think about us?
Lets play safe. Lets not take any risk.

Your advertising agency makes a safe ad
Very boring, very ordinary
Nobody remembers your ad or your product
You put more money. Nothing happens.
Next phase begins.
You blame advertising agency
You blame marketing agency.
You fire your sales head
Life goes on

How do you make advertising work?
Be fearless, be different.
Tell a great story
Unless you takerisk, you will not create great advertisement, which will sell your product.

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