New Biz Mood- Are you ready?


The new Biz mood is different.

Till a few months ago, companies were talking about cost cutting and operational efficiencies. Nobody was talking about long-term growth.

With the new government coming in with Modi at the helm, sentiments are changing dramatically. You can feel a new sense of buoyancy and urgency among companies.

All large consultancies like KPMG, Pwc, Deloitte and EY have confirmed that trend is reversing. They are making strong pitches for M&As, raising finance, planning IPOs and restarting stalled projects. Sri Rajan, MD, Bain & Company told TOI, “ More of our clients are engaging in early discussions on growth while so far, and there was a significant emphasis on operational & cost efficiencies and performance improvement”

What happens to small Business? By and large, business works on sentiments. In past, small companies were not taking any risks as policy paralysis; delayed clearances and corruption scandals were creating an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. Now everybody can see that mood is changing and there is general bullishness in the air.

My advise- pull out your stalled projects and frozen new product launches. Get the best advisors and consultants. Current Business optimism and environment will support you to the tune of 30 %. Remember-excel sheets and bar charts don’t take you anywhere-real action does.

So, this is the BIG opportunity. Be nimble and flexible, and focus on available cracks in the market. Just, chase growth with everything you’ve got.

You will not be disappointed.

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