Passion still works ?

We are witnessing a great change in how people are doing business and how consumers are buying products. Old marketing methods do not work any more.

Mass media marketing budgets are becoming invisible. Less is more-companies demand that marketing must deliver with less budgets. Start-ups and small brands are getting noticed as modern retail has provided them a level playing field against big brands. Digital media is the new exciting girl around the block.Everybody wants to woo her-very few are able to do so.

Self-help books and marketing seminars have become useless. Companies have stopped wasting their time on off-site meeting to write corporate mission and vision statements.Every self respecting marketing guru tells us to write goals-which doesn’t get you anywhere. Another big myth is visualization –imagine the things you want,and you will get them.Rhonda Byrne sold millions of copies of her book “The secret” and I don’t see millions of very successful people,who have read her book. I am sure Dhirubhai Ambani never wrote a business plan and Columbus did not attend any  HR seminar before discovering a new country.

So what works ? What works is 2 % planning and rest implementation. –which is the last 98 % of the puzzle. Just add loads of passion. Nine out of ten times-passion will work.

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