people are plain lazy

I am surprised that people can be so lazy.

Diwali is mother of all festivals.It provides an incredible opportunity to network with your customers and grow your business.Still,people are too lazy to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

I get Diwali gifts which are bought off the shelf and distributed with company visiting cards.I remove the cards and distribute the sweets or mass produced gifts to my domestic help.Why can’t people take the trouble to select a unique gift and put their company logo,name and USP on the gifts. It has lasting impression.The purpose of any gift is to create a bond between your company and your customer, so whenever he needs your product or service,he will remember you.

The other big sin is to give cheap quality gifts. These gifts will destroy your equity and product image.Gift defines the giver not the receiver. Even a junior staff in your organisation deserves a good quality gift.This is non negotiable.

I also get a huge number of Sms’s giving me good wishes. It is ok to send sms’s to your friends and relatives-but not to your customer. Your sms will fight for attention with Pizza shop,saree shop and perhaps your corner-of-the-street barber.The same goes for e-mail greetings.This is the laziest way to impress your client.First of all, these electronic greeting cards are damn difficult to open, secondly your client knows that you have ccd the greetings to another hundred guys.

Why don’t you simply send a hand written card with your signature (not printed)? It is old fashioned but it works. Or, better still, why don’t you pick up a phone and wish your customer . Nothing beats a warm and friendly voice on the wire .

Festival time is a big time to build your business. Christmas and New year are round the corner.cheers.

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