Planet’s most valuable brand

As per Forbes list published recently, Apple has become the most valuable brand on the planet. It has displaced Coca Cola, which is a 100 year old brand.

What has apple done , which is so incredibly different than other brands?

The first reason is that Apple fiercely believes in superior design for all its products. Steve Jobs believed in making such beautiful keyboards, that his customers would like to lick them. look at Mac computers, I-phones and now I-pads. Anybody, who has used apple products will vouch that its a sheer bliss to use these products. You get so thoroughly smitten, that you will refuse to use any other product-damn any incentive. Coca Cola has not come up with anything spectacular for number of years.

The second reason is that Apple believes that innovation is its mission statement. Its sales actually declined, before it woke up and introduced I-phone. There has been a continuous stream of new innovative ideas which has taken even its die-hard fans by surprise. On the other hand, we haven’t seen any great innovation in product or packaging or even marketing from Coca Cola.

The third and the most defining reason is Apple’s attitude to Public Relations. Advertising merely creates awareness, PR sells their products. When I-phone was launched, more than 30 magazines carried the event on its front page and the ink this product got in every possible media was unparallel.

The whole PR campaign in Apple is driven by its larger than life CEO Steve Jobs-who introduces every new innovation with great style and flair to media and general public. The result is that there are mile long lines of consumers wanting to buy the product, even before it hits the retail shelf. Most of th people do not know the CEO of Coca Cola.

The moral of the story- what is good for apple is good for all of us. Great product design, cutting edge innovation and a good PR campaign driven by the CEO himself- will make your brand a valuable brand to die for.

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