Reverse Marketing – How to make your company Awesome !

Who said life is fair ?

Twenty years ago, this wisdom was given to me by my boss, when I had expressed my dissatisfaction at getting low annual increment.
His explanation was, that he had to give better increments to people, who were more crucial to the organization-at that particular point of time.
It had nothing to do with my performance.

That’s what every tradition marketer is feeling right now.
For years, you were selling garments, shoes, beauty products, mobiles, electronic items, household gadgets profitably from your shop.
Suddenly, your sales are going down. What’s going on?

Flipkart runs a billion dollar sale and mops up Rs 600  crores in a day.
Amazon, Snapdeal and dozen others are are offering drop-dead discounts and consumers are loving it.
They never had it so good.
Consumer loyalty is history.

All customer groups are divided into two neat segments. Customers who want deals and more deals. (75 %) and customers who look for brand (25%).
As a seller, you need to decide –where you fit in.
Even if you are an e-tailer, the same rule is applicable.

Old marketing says that you need to identify your customer, find what he wants and sell the product to him.
You are allowed to use all the dirty tricks to make the sale.
You are always seeking the customer.
Day in and Day out.

Reverse marketing is opposite to this. Here-the customer seeks the brand.
The company does not tell the customer that their product is better than the competition.
But, it creates an image of being an awesome company-in terms of social responsibility (Tatas) ;  in terms of innovation (apple); in terms of touching peoples lives ( Airtel, Google).

Customers would like to deal with companies with good reputation.
Consumers do not buy products, they buy companies.
Companies they can admire and love.

This is crux of Reverse Marketing.
This is the future ,where you need to be creative, innovative and smart to attract the customer, without ever trying to sell her anything.

This is the only way, you can make yourself AWESOME !

If you are an individual.
Or a small company struggling to become Big.
Or a big company wanting to remain Big .

The world is changing faster than you can think.
Old strategies are irrelevant.
Consumers are finding these changes very exciting-be it a new technology or consumer behavior.

You need to change-fast.
Because-Only Awesome companies will survive in future.

Reverse Marketing is about making your company “Awesome”.


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