Are You Taking Enough Risks?

Will you drive faster, if you had airbags in your car?

When air bags were put in cars, it was expected that number of deaths would decrease.
Deaths did decrease, but not as much as they were predicted.
That’s because people started to drive a little faster, thus keeping their overall safety risk level the same.

As a human race, we are risk averse.

Fear of failure is the strongest human emotion.

Everybody knows that risk may give you extraordinary success or extraordinary failure.
Most people will readily give up the pursuit of success if it involves a possibility of failure.
So people are happy leading risk frees life.

So the majority of us will like to remain in our comfort Zone.


Utterly boring, risk-free, comfort Zone.

This is the reason, why there are so few winners.

Ability to take risk separates winners from losers.

There is a risk in everything, which is worth achieving.
World-class sportsmen, musicians, writers, singers, – practice for years and risk everything to become the best.

In recorded history, no major success has ever been achieved without taking some risk.

If you are not prepared to fail, there is very little chance that you will succeed.

Dennis Freedman, creative director at Barneys New York, said, “I believe that you need to be ready to fail. Failure is important and it’s crucial that you walk on a tightrope.”
“If you have the right talent in your team, you’re going to walk that rope and stay on it,” he said. “But if you’re not ready to fall off, you won’t create great work.”

I am amazed by the number of people telling me that they want to invest in brands, but cannot take the risk.

Some brands are built on risks.
A recent example is Red Bull’s campaign where Felix Baumgartner rose to 130,000 feet high to the stratosphere so he could jump & fall at a speed of 843 miles per hour and, be the first person to break the sound barrier without the need for an aircraft.
Red Bull had taken the calculated risk that was a) it might work and b) the stunt was in tune and clear with the brand’s messaging and image.

How much risk can you take?

What is your risk appetite?

There is a different level of risks.
That’s because our perception of risk consists of a variety of factors: our historical background, the group we are with when we consider our decision, our evaluation of the possibility that we could fail, and our desire to grow in a particular area.

Most of us are not natural risk takers.
In fact, each of us will face a great deal of anxiety and sudden fear when we attempt to take a risk.

Take a moment and imagine yourself in each of the following scenarios:

  • Can you start a conversation with a perfect stranger?
    Is it risky?
  • Can you put across a completely different point of view in a business meeting with a possibility of making a fool of yourself in front of your peers?
    Most will admit that it is not worth the risk.
  • Will you say, “ will you marry me?” to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?
    It is so surprising that I have met dozens of people who did not say these magic words and regretted their lack of risk taking throughout their lives.
    The risk of facing rejection was so overwhelming!
  • Will you join the armed forces?
    There is always a risk of losing your life.
  • Will you take up adventure sports i.e. car/bike racing, expeditions to Antarctica, sailing alone in boat etc.? Remember-seven time formula 1 World Champion racing driver, Michael Schumacher is in a coma after his accident. (Agreed that it was a skiing accident, but his attitude of taking risk took him to unparalleled success)

  • Can you put all your money in the stock market with a possibility of becoming a pauper the next day?
  • Can you put all your money in a new business idea? Which might fail.
    You could lose all your money.


Then, why do people take the risk?

Scientists have struggled to define the behaviour. “Risk is very widely different in terms of what kinds of risks people are willing to take and the subjective reasons for why they take risks, “

  • Most of the time, you achieve success, if you take a risk in any field.
    It helps you to grow as an individual and cultivate a thriving life.
    Reasonable risks will help to push your growth into overdrive.

How do you cultivate the habit of taking a risk?
My suggestion during the next 30 days should be to take one risk, which has made you afraid in past.
It will change your life.

Ships are safest in the harbour, but they are not build to be there.



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