29% of the women feel their gender has held them back and stereotyping still affects the young girls.
It is believed that boys are better than girls at sports because they can run faster.
But Avon believes there should be no barriers. Women should be empowered in all elements of the life.



AVON the beauty care brand kicked off their campaign named Fiercely Feminine last year. With women empowerment as the underlying theme, the brand teamed up with the Liverpool Ladies Football Club and is now the official sponsor of the club.

For the first time in the history, a beauty company has sponsored a Ladies football club.

Breaking societal notions this campaign highlights the idea of “why can’t a woman be fierce and feminine at the same time? She can be both fierce and feminine”.

This has been very beautifully portrayed in the film depicting the inner world of Liverpool Ladies Football Club athletes.

Football is considered to be a strong men’s sport but here are these women who share the same passion and fire within for the game and have chosen this sport to be their carrier.

Women football is definitely leveling up with men in sports, they deserve to have a choice of career whether it is in sports or beauty or whatever they want to do.

Breaking free from the stereotype of how sports people should look like these women athletes have strongly voiced their opinions in the campaign.

They like to wear makeup while training. Wearing makeup for training helps make them feel more confident. It gives them a sense of empowerment.

The women of Liverpool Ladies FC show that they don’t have to choose between being pretty or powerful, fierce or feminine.

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