Top Marketing Campaign Series: Dove’s I Am Fine


“Girls’ self-esteem peaks when they are 9 years old, then takes a nose dive says clinical psychologist Robin F. Goodman.

At the age of 8-9 years, 70% of the girls liked their looks. At the age of 12-13, this figure dropped to 56 %. Which means around 45% of the girls don’t like their looks at this age.

Girls who watch TV commercials featuring underweight models lose self-confidence and become more dissatisfied with their own bodies.

Three-fourths of girls with low self-esteem engage in negative activities, such as disordered eating, bullying, smoking or drinking.

Only 2% of women think they are beautiful.

78% of girls with low self-esteem admit that it is hard to feel good in school when you do not feel good about how you look (compared to 54% of girls with high self-esteem).

Dove launched I am fine campaign to help these girls build body confidence.

While growing up many children have to go through some major self-esteem issues. As they start to comprehend the world around them, they come under the influence of all kinds of information through TV, social media, cinema, family and different social circles. This information subconsciously conditions these young minds to the various false notions of society. All these messages project the idea of perfection and perfection, in this case, is just limited to beauty, fair skin, perfect body shape, fashion, style etc.


Being at the receiving end these young minds can’t help but get influenced by this false propaganda. They start comparing themselves with the others. And in the process, they end up believing that they are not perfect and get into some inferiority complex. This constant struggle to fit in takes a heavy toll on the primitive years of their life. Most of the times parents fail to recognize such situations.

This feeling of not being perfect hits their self-esteem very badly and instills a sense of insecurity in them adversely affecting various aspects of their lives(self-confidence, study, relationships, career, future choices etc.) The magnitude of this problem is huge.

And to empower these teenagers dove has come up with their latest campaign which aims to rebuild the self-esteem among them.

Through the campaign Dove is looking to critique the meaning of ‘I’m fine’ – a phrase usually snapped by insecure teenagers – in an animated series of films celebrating its ongoing partnership with Cartoon Network via Ogilvy UK.

Typically, when young girls are asked how they are, they might respond with one word or shrug. These videos deconstruct the phrase “I’m fine” to give an unfiltered look at their personal challenges. Dove combines animation and musical performances to delve into the unique perceptions of four girls from the US, Brazil, Mexico, and France, who all share the same battle with self-esteem.

The Unilever brand announced a partnership with Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe series in April this year. Working alongside the show’s animators and writer, Rebecca Sugar, Dove creates original shorts for broadcast using the show’s characters to help educate kids and build body confidence.

Dove’s Self Esteem Project, aims to reach 40 million young people in 140 countries by 2020.


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