Video Is The New Marketing Secret

    Digital Marketing expert Neil Patel recently said that he is going to spend whopping $144,000 on video content during 2018. He urged his followers to give this thing a serious thought.

Video should drive your digital campaign.

Every day thousands of experts put up content over the internet about using digital space to win the marketing game.Video marketing, video strategy, video promotion, how many views, viral campaigns are the new buzz words.

But the big question is, is video really effective?

If you have not used this option then you are definitely lagging behind.

Our view is that Video Marketing as one of the best possible strategies to promote your business to cut the clutter.

Young entrepreneurs are wanting media vehicles which are cheap, effective and gives you scope for experimentation.

Video marketing as a strategy can help them reach the next level fast.

How effectively you can use the digital space is going to be a defining factor for your business in future!

Let me tell you how.

There are some important facts that you need to consider:

  • Cisco Visual Networking Index says by 2021 every second, 1 million minute video content will travel the worldwide IP network. For a person to watch the whole content crossing the network over a month will take five million years.
  • Such heavy traffic means a huge number of users. So now, it’s obvious that why video content is the way forward
  • Also, 50% of the users look for videos related to that product or service before making any purchase decision
  • YouTube is the second most used website in contrast to other websites. Youtube is approximately used by 1.3 billion people. 300 hours of videos are uploaded on the youtube every minute

All these facts prove why video should be the vital part of your marketing and promotion strategy.

This is definitely worth your investment.

    Now, the question is the out of available options which video type is suitable for your business.
    It depends on the situation and your requirement.
    Different types of videos work in different situations.

Key moments when your business needs videos:

1. Product Launch or Announcement:

For letting the world know that a new product has entered the market. People want to know how your product is different from others. It should tell the audience how it solves the problem in an entertaining manner.

2. Product Demo Video:

Everyone can’t know everything. Sometimes people get stuck on how to use a particular product especially in the case of a new product. So in order to make people understand the usage demo videos come into the picture. These video focus on features, the feasibility of the product.

Videos work well in a consumer durable category like washing machines, TVs, computers. Even real estate and consumer product companies have started using videos to explain their product usage.

3. Social Responsibility:

Trust is a key factor on which the entire foundation of a brand, business or company lies.

    Building credibility takes a business to new heights. So when an organization takes the responsibility of people in the society, nothing can be like it. People get moved by the things that leave a beneficial footprint on society. Make videos that create awareness among people. Such videos send a positive signal to the people and earn goodwill for the company. So making videos of your CSR activities can give you a new mileage when it comes to building trust among your target customers.

For them to buy you, they need to trust you.

4. Vlogs &Testimonials:

Communicate with your customers through video about what is happening in the marketplace or your business. Happy faces that have something good to say about your products can be a brilliant strategy. Customer Satisfaction is the crux of such videos. People love to listen what others have to say about your products. They get affected positively when they see others talking so highly about your product or service.

For example, Tesla Motors, the Electric car manufacturer believes in the power of such videos. For its Model X, they created such a brilliant video which showed how the SUV worked for a chocolate vendor. And this worked in their favour and further motivated new buyers to buy.

Video marketing campaign is the most important marketing decision you will ever take.
The caveat is that your content should be shamelessly engaging, which blows your audience’s mind.

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