Video Marketing: Getting Started


“Video content is king,” or so the saying goes. It does have an element of truth to it, as video boasts the highest return on investment out of all types of content. Videos allow businesses to convey a message and connect better with their target audiences. On social media, they are more likely to have more shares than text posts or images. Videos are also a more effective method of increasing brand awareness than, say, written content.

Many digital marketers preach about the benefits of video marketing for businesses-and rightfully so. If you want more people to remember your brand name, then videos are the best option for you.

But as an entrepreneur, you must ask yourself first: will videos be a boon for the kind of business I have?

In truth, you can answer this already by simply observing the competition. Are they using videos as well? If so, has it been a huge factor in their success?

If the answer is yes, then it’s high time that you hop on the video marketing bandwagon.

But where should you begin?

Getting Started

When starting out in video marketing, it is perfectly alright to start small if you can not go big yet. Even using your mobile is alright. Granted, of course, that the video quality is good. Later on, you may consider getting a video camera. A DSLR also works and is also quite versatile. You might want to invest in a tripod and a microphone too, if you are seriously about making your own videos.

But you also have to take the time to learn how to edit them – if you do not know how to yet. And you have to figure out what message you want to convey in the video. Plan out beforehand what the goal is, and make a script for it if you have to.

Here Comes The Hard Part

You also have to monitor your videos’ statistics. If you use Facebook for video marketing, for instance, studying the insights can yield valuable information on how well your videos are performing. The view count is not the sole indicator of success. You also have to note if people are watching with the audio muted, and if they actually make it to the end of your video.

You can experiment with different styles of videos until you can find out what works best with your intended audiences. You may also want to keep track of current events, trends, and topics and capitalize on them. However, caution must be taken when taking this path, as not all viewers share the same opinions. It may result in you losing potential customers. Too much focus on content unrelated to your business can also lead to confusion as to what your brand is about.

For a truly polished video and a well-planned marketing strategy, hiring the expertise of a professional is the best option. It will cost money, but with the potential ROI that benefits of video marketing results to the table, it may be an investment that proves worth your while.

Source by John Murdoch

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