Video is the next marketing tool that you probably aren’t using (yet)

Google is undeniably the most used search engine in the world, as well as one of the most used websites compared to any other.
Which search engine do you think is in line after Google? Bing? No. Yahoo? No.
It’s YouTube, the 2nd most used website in contrast to other websites in the world, and it is owned by Google.
Here are some impressive statistics about YouTube:

  • YouTube is used by approximately 1.3 billion people
  • Every single minute 300 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube
  • 1 million YouTube views on mobile devices every day
  • 40 minutes is the average mobile session on YouTube
  • 70% of all visitors to YouTube come from outside the U.S

When it’s not YouTube, Facebook gets approximately 4 billion video views per day, and majority of the traffic comes from mobile devices which is about 75%.

Video is massive, and you may not be using it to market your business.

A Video can tell complete story about your product, hence it a good medium for Brand Promotion and Marketing.

What Type of Videos Should You Create?
Occasionally, it can be tough to create videos that can help your business, and is the most common question asked.
Not everyone’s a movie producer, so how do you create an engaging video without making a mockery of yourself?

Thankfully, it’s not that hard, and you do not have to invest too much in equipment to create a meaningful video.
A simple camcorder or even an I-pad or your handset can produce suitable videos without putting a huge load of effort.

You should create 3 categories of videos that will help market you business:

Trust-building Videos

Office staff introductions
Get your staff (or you) record a short introduction video by asking them open ended questions.
This helps your prospects to get to know more about you.
Preferably create short (under 60 seconds) videos and it provides the potential customers a perception of who the people are at that business.

Tour of your facilities/office
You might take pride in your facility, but people would want to see what’s there in your space before they visit.
Provide a virtual tour to them, so that they can experience the setting beforehand.

This is an essential marketing tool.
Record a short testimonial of your customers that tells a story or which puts people at ease.
They should be kept very simple and your mobile phone can be used to record it.
You can directly send it to your YouTube account through your smartphone and it doesn’t require any editing.
These videos, which are spontaneous, tend to look more authentic than those created in a studio or that are edited afterward.

Before and After (Transformations)
Do you help people conquer something?
Show what the issue was before, and how the person or that situation has upgraded since your work.
These videos are helpful, where a remarkable change can be shown.
Weight loss.
Plastic surgery.
Dental improvements.
Hair growth.
Transformation videos are the most impactful, which helps in conversions.

Instructional Videos

Vlog (video blog)
Some people might in not be able to write, but can talk.
Communicate with your customers through video about what is happening in the marketplace or your business.
A video blog is a unique marketing tool, which can stamp your authority on your potential prospects in double quick time.

How to videos or tutorials
These can be short or long.
Some people like to create short videos that provide people with tips on particular things.
It’s always nice to learn new things and when projected in an engaging and fun way, can work wonders.
How to cook a Mexican Taco?
How to apply makeup?
How to be a good public speaker?

These videos are often given along with consumer durables like washing machines, television etc. or are used to promote a specific activity (yoga, cooking etc)

Product or service information or demo
Showing a demonstration of your products or services to potential customers to show them how it works in real life

A good information or a demo video can add credibility to your offering.

Marketing Videos

Video Marketing has become an integral part of Marketing Plan of many Marketing and Advertising Agencies.

Talking head for PR, blog post or landing page
If you’ll do any online PR, you can also include a small intro video which can be included in a press release or be used on a landing page.
These videos will be watched and all will be understood before reading through the text.

Lessons or recorded webinars
Ask people to attend your free webinar, which gets recorded and sent to your personal list, and at the end of it, you can give them the opportunity to purchase or attend something quirky.

These are a few ideas which can be promoted in your company’s blog, social media, and email newsletters and any other type of marketing.

Branding Companies must certainly leverage video marketing as a tool for connecting with their audience on a large scale.

So go and get right into the action and start using video in as many ways as possible.
With Google and YouTube available at your fingertips, it can be a great, low costing marketing tool for you.

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