What is an Accelerated Brand?

(This is a guest column written by Ravi Ganti, who is a Director with Aquarius Business Solutions Pvt Ltd,Mumbai. He would like to introduce himself as a laid back, lazy and boring guy who lists the Mahabharat, Hercule Poirot and Eliyahu Goldratt as his constant inspirations. Also please do not forget to watch one of the  best Guerrilla Marketing campaign of 2013- Hemant)

When do we recognize that a brand has been “accelerated”? Can we enumerate the parameters that characterize an “accelerated” brand? How do we even define an “accelerated” brand? Let us begin by considering some examples.Readers will have their own set and may not agree with the list here, but hey this is my article and I get to write what I want (my editor / moderator points out to me that readers are free to post any comments that they want! You tell me now?):

  • IPL
  • iPhone
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter
  • Scotch Brite (in the Indian context)
  • Arvind Kejriwal

Can we identify at least a few common characteristics across this desperate list which can provide a working template for intellectually challenged marketers (like yours truly!)? Here is a starting list (all my own work!):

• Out of the box product and / or presentation – ‘Masala’ packaging (IPL); amazing looks and ease of use (iPhone); instant social connect (Whatsapp); ‘word-bites’ (twitter); breakthrough performance (Scotch Brite); single point fanatic message (Arvind Kejriwal)

• Avalanche promotion – almost all these brands have been launched backed by a promotional deluge

• Keep it Simple – hardly any cranial capacity is required for using or understanding these ‘products’

• Keeping up with the Aroras or Iyers – the subliminal messaging in all cases has been like – What? Don’t have an iPhone? You are not on Whatsapp? Don’t watch IPL?(I must confess that I don’t have an iPhone, am not on Twitter or Whatsapp, hardly watch IPL and am not enamored of Kejriwal which, in true adviser / consultant tradition makes me eminently qualified to comment on all of them!!!)

• You want to look good in the eyes of your kids – anybody with grown up kids (in today’s world that would be older than 3 years) will instantly empathize with what I am saying here

OK, that was exhausting work! Now it is time for me to lie back and receive all the accolades that are sure to start pouring in!

(What? People are free to criticize? After all the effort that I have put in sacrificing a whole morning on a holiday when I could have been in sweet oblivion? Not fair! But then that is the life of all devoted marketers!!)

P.S. I have left many questions unanswered, a few deliberately, most out of sheer ignorance, because of my confidence in the collective intelligence of the readers who will no doubt enlighten me and all the others.

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