(This guest post is written by Jayant Mishra,CEO of PeopleLive, an HR Consulting firm from Indore. During my consulting days, I found out that this syndrome affects nearly all growing but small businesses. A must read for all business owners)

My sincere apologies for the comparison but in a professional environment when you hire a competent professional and pay him rather well, then why do you have to intrude in his domain?

It is all about the empowerment and trust you bestow on your Senior Managers and potential Leaders. This message goes out to all promoter CEO’s who despite the lack of their professional expertise and domain knowledge cannot entrust the job to their handpicked senior professionals.

I know of a very senior manager who confessed that in the prevailing corporate culture “I don’t think I’ll be allowed to make a single decision in the next two years.” This person left in 6 months. To grow big is an urge which everyone of us is smitten with and we all want to have our hands in every pie. This is true for most promoter driven companies striving to be big. When you are small you sniff at all functions and domains.

Today the small players are emerging and want to share space with Big Ticket enterprises and want to follow the growth chart and organization design and absorb them into their own functioning. But it is so difficult to leave the style of functioning! When you are small, you handle all the verticals viz. finance, accounts, sales, marketing, production, quality control, PR & liasoning and above all HR. Do you recall the ‘Seth’ or Mill Owner of yesteryears who was a perfect HR Manager? He took care of all the needs of his Staff i.e. getting their children educated, getting their daughter married and finally on his retirement (which was not as per age but physical ability) building his house. What more an employee wants from his employer? This is what we call HR now!

But in today’s context, when you are on the threshold of making it Big or entering the Big League, you have to let it go. When you hire a professional let him / her perform his duties and make decisions. S/he may falter but learn & remember the times you made a rank bad decision but since you were a promoter, you could get away and tried a different route map till you succeeded!

What I want to drive home is that when you hire a competent and professional manager; let him / her take the call. You define the vision and mission & let him/her decide the route map. If you interfere and poke him all the time then it is just like having the Dog but Barking Yourself! Empower them and give them space. You can always specify the Key Result Areas but give him / her resources to achieve the milestone because you have selected him for his capabilities and experience. Let him do the barking!

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