The World’s Best PR Campaign

On July 14 2016,

Two saree clad women from India delivered the special #TeaForTrump package to Donald Trump in New York.


This was 4 days before the National Convention in 19th July.
“Tea for Trump”was the PR stunt carried by an Indian Tea company TE-A-ME to spread the word about the goodness of organic, green tea.

There was a very real chance of Mr. Donald Trump becoming the next President of United States of America.
But he continued to evoke strong reactions from nearly everybody –Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Women, Gays and you name it.
Mr Trump continued to give his extreme views on sexism, racism, keeping Muslims out of US, making a Mexican Wall.

The Gandhian principle saw itself put into action again, when the TE-A-ME Teas took a friendly approach to changing Trump for the better. They argued that Trump could become a better human being, if he drinks Green organic Tea which can remove toxins from his body. Green tea is known the world over to fight against harmful free radicals and cleanse the spirit, mind and bodies, helping one to maintain a healthy balance.

TE-A-ME tea delivered four years’ supply of green tea to Donald Trump. The special package was hand-delivered to Trump Tower, New York in a good-humored attempt to cleanse Trump’s system.
The excitement and anticipation was captured in a video as New Yorkers cheered the two saree clad women who delivered the special #TeaForTrump.

Campaign Results

Hold your breaths, for these phenomenal numbers:

• 650M+ impressions across 80+ countries
• 810+ PR Stories in 72 hours
• 52000+ video shares
• 152000+ digital engagements
• 3.1M video reach (in first 72 hour)
• 1100% increase in international business enquiries
• 9900% increase in website organic traffic

( Source: Mr Honey Singh, CEO – PR & Content Marketing at #ARM Worldwide, )





I think this was the most creative PR exercise done by an Indian Company.

It generated more than 800 PR stories from 80 countries in 72 hours.

A good and Creative campaign can give you outstanding results in terms of generating awareness and interest for the brand.
It can catapult your brand to dizzy heights.

Look at the results this Indian Tea company PR campaign generated.

Advertising creates awareness, PR sells the product.
A good PR is like taking an insurance policy.
In bad times, it can save you and your brand.

[bctt tweet=”A good PR is like taking an insurance policy. In bad times, it can save you and your brand.” username=”@neetibrand”]


Maggi found out that a bad PR policy can destroy a great brand.

Cadbury could bounce back, when worms were found in their chocolates and a good forceful campaign could actually increased their market share.

Pepsi ran a great PR campaign, when a needle was found in a Pepsi can in US.
It gained consumer confidence and the market share went up

In good times, it is building trust among your customers.
Brand Building is only about building trust.

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Can you manage without PR?

Can you manage without taking insurance cover for your family?

Is PR campaign expensive?

Do you need to take professional and expensive PR agencies?


Not really.
But you need to devote some time.
A very small price to pay to secure your future.


A creative PR campaign can be six times more powerful than an advertising campaign.

 [bctt tweet=” A creative PR campaign can be six times more powerful than an advertising campaign.” username=”@neetibrand”]

This is the essence of Reverse Marketing, where customer will seek the brand instead of brand seeking the customer.

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