Xotik’s Jeeru repositioned & rebranded as ‘J.’

Mumbai-based beverage company Xotik Frujus (XFPL) has annouced the rebranding and repositioning of their popular jeera brand Jeeru as ‘J.’. Their goal is to capture a larger share of the ethnic beverage market in India.

The design philosophy of ‘J.’ represents the confident and colorful chaos of Gen Z and existing customers. The product packaging incorporates six different Indian colors, giving the brand a modern and vibrant look. This is a first for the beverage category. The combination of minimalistic form and a bold color palette ensures that the ‘J.’ brand stands out on shelves.

‘J.’ aims to attract young Indians who embrace their Indian roots but also aspire to achieve on a global level. The brand seeks to break through the crowded beverage market and change the paradigm. While retaining the familiar beverage flavor, ‘J.’ has been enhanced with the goodness of apples and bottled with a bold, Indian attitude that is ready to face the future.

Xotik Frujus Intention

According to Anjana Ghosh, the CEO of Xotik Frujus, the intention behind ‘J.’ is to reinvent the popular jeera masala drink. But also the new design and vibrant colors aim to create a stronger brand identity and higher recall among the evolving Indian consumer base. The marketing campaign will heavily focus on digital communications and also on-ground activations to introduce ‘J.’ as the newest masala-soda. The company hopes that ‘J.’ will resonate better with consumers, just as Jeeru had achieved a leading position in its category.

The repositioning of the brand as ‘J.’ reflects Xotik’s innovative approach to ethnic drinks with a masala twist. As the demand for unique flavors and spice blends grows among the new generation in India, Xotik aims to offer an avant-garde experience with ‘J.’ By making it aspirational and trendy, the brand connects better with the youth. The deliberate decision to name the brand with a single letter, ‘J.’, defies conventions in true Gen Z fashion. The name represents a sound that stands alone while also signaling the beginning of more to come.

Marketing Strategy for the rebranding & repositioning

Xotik has planned an aggressive marketing campaign for ‘J.’, which includes various campaigns, trials, and activities throughout the year. They will leverage out-of-home campaigns, print media, and on-ground activations to introduce new innovations and expand their ethnic product range. Digital and also social media platforms will be utilized to engage consumers, creating high brand visibility and awareness. The company has allocated approximately 20 crore for these marketing efforts.

The Indian ethnic beverage market is estimated to be worth between 700-800 crores. Xotik plans to expand their production units and introduce new flavors of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. By 2026, they aim to target 780 towns, including tier 1, 2, and 3 cities. They have identified multiple manufacturing units across different regions of India and plan to add 400 super stockists and also 3000 distributors by the end of 2026. With ambitious growth plans, Xotik aims to become a 1000 crore company within the next decade. They project a 50-60% growth for the next three years and a goal of reaching 500 crores by FY ’26.

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