Bonn Group launches millet-based range of bakery products

Bonn Group of Industries, has launched a range of millet-based bakery products including Millet Bread, Millet Pizza and also Millet Burger. Enriched with Jowar, Bajra, and Ragi, these products contain essential nutrients and enjoy widespread recognition as beneficial superfoods.

The launch of these millet bakery products aligns with Bonn Group’s brand tagline “Go Healthy With Millets”. It also supports the International Millets Year and the Indian government’s Millet Mission. This mission aims at promoting millet consumption and providing Indians with a nutritious diet.

Amrinder Singh, the director of Bonn Group, expressed the brand’s commitment to providing healthy bread and bakery products with multiple health benefits. The International Millet Year declaration by WHO has provided an opportunity to introduce Millet bread. Bonn Group believes that the product will become the preferred choice among health-conscious snack lovers.

Dawinder Pal, Bonn Group’s marketing head, emphasized the launch as part of Bonn’s Mission Millet initiative. The millet bakery products are a crucial step in promoting millet consumption and also a product that excites consumers with its taste and nutrients.

Bonn Millet Bread has a pricing of INR 50 for a 300gms pack. The Millet Pizza base has a price of INR 50 for a 200gms pack. The Millet Burger is priced at INR 30 for a 160gms pack. Selected outlets in Delhi NCR, Punjab, and Chandigarh will initially offer these products.

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